Title: Stranger (Chapter 2)
Pairing: 5zic/Kangnam
Rating: PG
SummaryThe circling becomes literal for them, and pretty soon they would be walking together, strangers no more.

Chapter 2 is out, go read it! :)


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Title: Stranger (Chapter 1)
Pairing: 5zic/Kangnam
Rating: PG
Summary: There are no strangers you want to know about, but for some people it’s different. Two people in particular; who are circling around each other.
Notes: I haven’t written in a long while, but I decided to write a fic for them just because. If this looks a lil’ bit choppy I’m sorry haha. Enjoy :-)


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i wanna go

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@Kangnam11: Date date
@5zic: We took this photo alone!
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[140413] M.I.B Fansign | @cheese_tomato8

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no you didn’t mean to hurt anyone, i’m sure

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ideal type

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Making of 'Chisa Bounce'

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